Academic Objective

The school has set the following Academic Objectives:

  • To achieve excellence in the CBSE class XII Board results.
  • To provide a progressive teachers support system to the students for quality education.
  • To provide academic, cultural, social, moral and psychological guidance support.
  • To provide diverse learning resources and supportive infrastructure in the form of hardware, software, laboratories and other material.
  • To achieve academic excellence through innovative and interactive methods of teaching and by having a good staff.
  • The Faculties are under the guidance and supervision of the Deans and each of these faculties are headed by the Head of faculty (HoF) who is responsible for administering and directing the staff of the faculty. There are 83 staff members teaching in various faculties. In Sports, there is a lady instructor for the girls too. Staff Room is the place for the teachers to interact during the school hours.